Consejos Para Mejorar Su Perfil En Socl

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Aqui les presento unos consejos para mejorar su perfil en Socl. Es importante para que otros usuarios puedan conocerlos mas y como Socl es una red social, ayuda para conseguir mas seguidores y en la interacción.

Creative Riffing On Your Own Posts

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This morning, while on Socl, I did a search for white minimalist interior design. 

Minimalist White

Then, I had the thought: “I wonder how it would look in black and white.” Instead of editing the post or creating a new one, I riffed on my own post to keep the continuity. 

Minimalist Black and White

I thought it looked pretty cool, while I dreamed of having a place like this. I also tag “wish list” to some of my favorite things or places I would love to visit someday. As the creativity started to flow, I riffed one more time with bursts of color. That’s what happens when you start dreaming!

Bursts of Color

I really think that the fun part of Socl is riffing on other users posts. It not only expands on a thought or search, but it is also a great way to make new connections. But, every now and then, it’s also fun to have a continuity of your own original thought. And by viewing all riffs, you have a little piece of artwork. Try it out and let your creativity let loose on Socl.

Discovery and Community Building with Amit Dhamal

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Orange Backed Troupail

I love how Socl is a place to discover new and interesting things. By taking a look at Amit’s stream, you will find a cornucopia of posts ranging from unique species of birds that I have never heard of in my entire life to links of tech tutorials. He also shares tips in using Socl and sometimes just fun images and gifs that bring a smile and a laugh your way.

Violet Crowned

His posts are perfect example of what Socl has to offer. He shares his interests, comments, connects, learns from others, teaches and has a knack for discovering the unusual.

Chrome Extension for Socl

I know that he works in some kind of tech, but he has never boasted about what he does because he is too busy sharing and building community. That is true Social Media at work. By now, my curiosity has elevated to actually know what he does in his work. Why? Because I got to know him first as a person and my gut says he is really genuine. He has gained my trust and I am happy to share any link about him, and would probably go out of my way to do it without him even asking.


If you don’t know how to get your feet wet on Socl, take a look at Amit’s stream or feel free to ask a question on your status bar. The community is there to help you. 

Sharing on Socl

I truly believe that we all have something interesting to share and the world is ready to see it. So get going and Get Socl! Share your discoveries….my curious mind wants to know;)