Updates to Socl

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Today the team is refreshing Socl with some much asked for capabilities.

  • Even faster post creation. Now Socl provides an inline post creator ideally suited for fast creation of text, link or single image posts. All of Socl’s existing capabilities are just a click away.
  • Streamlined navigation. Easily dive in to the content types you prefer to discuss or create using the Socl ‘app’ picker in the main navigation bar, or hang out in the main feed to participate in all the action.
  • Directed posts. In addition to public posts, Socl now also allows you to make posts visible only to you or to people you choose.
  • Collect while creating. Now you can collect your post while creating it, and creating new collection is easier than ever before.
  • More inline video support. Now in addition to YouTube, most of your favorite video services - such as Vimeo, Instagram, Vine and more will play inline in the Socl feed. Give it a try! www.so.cl

Happy Making!

The Socl Team and Microsoft Research Fuse Labs

Faster post creation with new quick postimage

Streamlined navigation with Socl appsimage

Directed postsimage

Collect while creatingimage

Additional inline video playingimage

How to Ignite Your Creative Mind on Socl

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I feel the need to be enticed. To see the world through a new lens – one that’s filled with vibrant colors and jewel tones. I want to go where dreams float on the far side of fashion and fantasy and know that when I come back, my world will forever be enhanced, changed, enlightened.

When we explore Socl, we find ourselves relishing in the limitless creative expression we can inspire in one another. Fashion is one thing, but when shared with friends from around the world, it elevates. 

On Socl we have what are called collections. Collections are posts you and the community organize around the subjects you love. When you see a post you like, simply collect it. 

Below are a few posts from Tina’s Personal Style collection. Tina is one of our most imaginative community members and her collections are stunning. Have a look…

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Kodu meets Socl!

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We’re combining two FUSE projects, Socl and Kodu (better together, like peanut butter and chocolate!)   Kodu is our newest creation experience on Socl.  Besides collages, Picotales, BLINKs, and video parties, you can now invent your own games using a simple, visual programming language. Anyone can create with Kodu, whether you’re a kid or kid at heart! Explore worlds from the community on the Socl Kodu channel.


Kodu is free, but you’ll need to download Kodu to get started creating your worlds.  Start learning and get ready for Code.org’s Hour of Coding for Computer Science week December 9-15, 2013. Check out collections of some Kodu favorites here:

Kodu Classic Arcade

Kodu Board Games

Kodu Digigirlz 2013

Kodu Imagine Cup

Kodu Rollercoaster Worlds!

More information, tutorials and lessons plans are available on the Kodu Game Labs website.

Multilingual Interactions through Machine Translation—Numbers from Socl

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For the past two years, social media platforms have been rolling out machine translation, enabling multilingual interactions. However, the people interacting in these platforms often know each other already, and have a language in common (i.e., friends). But what happens when machine translation is used to facilitate interactions among strangers, who perhaps have common interests but not a common language?

The earliest social media platform to enable machine translation was probably Facebook, which began autotranslating conversations in Facebook pages (a good place to start given that Pages are more likely to bring people who speak different languages together). Likewise, Google+ and Twitter later released similar features, enabling, for example, Spanish-speaking Twitter users to read the tweets from the now toppled Egyptian president Muhammad Morsi, translated from Arabic to Spanish:


How often do these types of multilingual interactions occur? Ethan Zuckerman posed a similar question when wondering what the numbers were for machine translations, in the context of a discussion about the challenges of having people pay attention to content outside their immediate reach.

With that in mind, we decided to look into some numbers using data from our own social media platform: Soclwhich started offering machine translation since last year. Socl, like Twitter, often brings strangers together who might not speak the same language, example:


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Socl, where creativity meets.

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A new day, a new Socl!

Socl now offers a set of simple, fun “create experiences” that make it even easier to express and share ideas with people worldwide – from rich visual collages to short animated media and memes, there’s even more ways to create, collect and share stuff you love – on Socl, and other social networks.

Watch the video here

Create Experiences



Part “meme-generator,” part game, Picotales are little stories made by overlaying text on an image.


Currently available for Windows devices, BLINK apps provide ways to capture, create and share short dynamic media using Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8.

Collage - now with upload!

Collage, Socl’s “go to” create experience now includes image upload…collages are comprised of images, links and videos found on the web or uploaded to Socl.

Video Party

Video Parties are shared video experiences on Socl - great for crafting a quick playlist to share with friends.

In addition to the create experiences, we’ve greatly enhanced Socl for mobile devices, with a responsive design that optimizes for your device. Now you can take Socl anywhere. 

Visit the Socl About page to learn more…

We look forward to seeing what you create today!

Happy making!


Introducing Collection Moderators, “Us” Collections

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We’re pleased to announce that you can become the moderator of your favorite collections and collect with your friends - Socl collections are sure to be even better than ever!


Collection Moderators

Now, every collection has at least one moderator who comes from the Socl community. Moderators have the ability to edit the title, description and tags of a collection. Moderators may also remove inappropriate or off topic posts from a collection at their discretion.

You can become a collection moderator in a variety of ways. If you create a “Me” Collection, you are the moderator. You can also invite moderators to join you in contributing to the collection (those invited will receive a notification that they’ve been invited to moderate which they can choose to accept or decline), essentially creating an “Us” Collection.

In the case of “Everyone” Collections, the original creator is designated moderator, but from that point on moderator designation is based on active participation in the collection. Active participants in a collection can eventually replace original moderators based on participation in and contribution to the quality of that collection.

“Us” Collections

With the addition of Collection Moderators, we are now offering a third type of Collection – “Us” Collections. Now you can invite others to moderate a collection with you; you can also decide if you would like that collection to be visible to everyone or only your co-contributors.

As always, please let us know what you think and happy making!

Socl Shares the Love

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Today we made it even easier to share the Socl love… Now you can easily share any Socl post to more of your favorite social networks, such as Pinterest and Tumblr.

Simply click “share” at the base of a post you’d like to share… Below and left is a lovely post made by our own Cheri Walters. I used the new share feature to include this post in my Tumblr blog (top right) and on my “Love Love Love” Pinterest Board (bottom left).

Happy Making!


Socl is ready for Spring with a new look, new features

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It’s almost Spring here in the Pacific Northwest. To celebrate, FUSE Labs is rolling out a fresh Socl design featuring many new capabilities we think you’re going to love.

Here’s a summary of what’s inside the “Spring 2013 Collection”:

 - Simplified site navigation, including:

  • create a post button
  • discover (full site search and discovery)
  • pinned menu for quick access to notifications, messages, setting, parties and about
  • centered Socl logo to refresh the page
  • single click access to your profile
  • feed pivots between following and everyone

 - Collections and Interests merged into one concept

  • collections curated by everyone (formerly Interests)
  • collections curated by individuals, including private collections
  • collection descriptions
  • tags now done at the collection level rather than the post level and applied only by collection followers

- Better post creation, featuring:

  • drag and drop
  • resize
  • shuffle
  • share to other social networks

- Personal opportunity cards to help build your following feed

- Private messages

- In line editing of profile information

- Enhanced discovery, search and presentation of related content

- Enhanced first time user experience

Many of the ideas in the new design have come directly from you. Thank you so much for your continued support.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the new Socl. Happy making!

Socl Spring 2013 Release FAQ

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For the Socl faithful, we thought we’d create a brief Q and A regarding the Spring 2013 release.

What happened to Interests?

Socl Interests have been merged into Collections. Collections can now be curated by an group (formerly Interest) or an individual.

I can’t find a Collection for one of the Interests I followed - what happened?

It is possible that the Interest did not meet the activity level required to be merged into a Collection or was not in keeping with the Socl terms of service. If you feel an Interest is missing in error, please let us know via Socl Public Feedback and we’ll look into it.

How do I tag posts now?

Tagging of posts is now done at the collection level. All the posts in a collection now carry the same consistent tags, aiding our ability to surface related content in the other parts of Socl and reducing the chance of tag misuse.

What are some of the other new features in the Spring 2013 release of Socl?

For a summary of the Spring 2013 release, see our blog post announcing the update.

Bing, Socl Partner at TEDActive 2013

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As some of the Socl faithful have noticed, Socl is at TEDActive 2013, thanks to our colleagues at Bing.

TEDActive attendees are accessing a special version of Socl to create and share collages inspired by TEDActive 2013 Talks.


As posted on the Bing Search Blog earlier today:

…we partnered with Microsoft Research’s FUSE Labs, creators of a Bing-powered technology called So.cl, and built a special area of this research platform for TEDActive attendees, available at TED.so.cl. Here, conference-goers can assemble images, research links, videos, and text into collages that express their reactions and associations around the TED Talks. Once completed, attendees can share their collages not only with those at the conference, but with anyone who wishes to view the real-time, online feed. 

Well over 100 Socl collages have been posted thus far… We at FUSE Labs are delighted by this novel use of Socl and hope you enjoy the posts!