“Off the Radar” - Social Computing Symposium 2013 Videos

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Last week we held our ninth annual Social Computing Symposium on the topic:  “Off the Radar.” Inspired by Clive Thompson’s closing talk from 2012, we focused on populations and topics we forget to discuss, often hiding in plain sight.  Our goal with the event is to bring together a small group of diverse people to help inspire and shed light on novel ideas and trends in the area of social.

& thanks to the stellar folks who made this all happen:  danah Boyd, Liz Lawley, Clay Shirky, Brady Forrest, Clive Thompson, Tom Coates, Anil Dash, Gabriella Coleman, John Borthwick, Baratunde Thurston, Tricia Wang and NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Department.

We only wish we could include more people, so sharing out the recorded videos of many of the presentations. Here are all the talks, some really amazing ones- and the agenda below. Enjoy!

scs 2013

Day 1:

Welcome, Intros & proposed Audience Choice Talks

Stories and insights from around the world, organized by Tricia Wang

People who *aren’t* using socially enabled tools, and why organized by Liz Lawley

Slightly Belated Opening Talk, by Clay Shirky

"Innovation in Unexpected Places", organized by Baratunde Thurston

Evening: Audience Choice Talks & PowerPoint Karaoke, organized by Brady Forrest 

Day 2:

"The Human Microphone: Amplification of Political Dissent", organized by Biella Coleman

“Food, Government, Surfing and Thrifting”, organized by Brady Forrest

scs 2013

Social Computing Symposium 2012: The Changing Nature of “The Public”

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The Social Computing Symposium 2012 was held on the campus of New York University in the Interactive Telecommunication Program space on January 12-13 and it focused on the changing nature of “the public,” and this year it was organized by: Lili Cheng, danah Boyd, Mike Annany, Alice Marwick Liz Lawley, Brady Forrest, Clay Shirky, Clive Thompson, John Borthwick, Tom Coates, Dan O’Sullivan, and Dennis Crowley.

Check out the agenda and the videos of the sessions here!