Introducing Socl Collections

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We’re excited to provide you with a new way to express yourself on Socl – Collections.

Collections are personally curated sets of posts. To create a collection, simply:

  1. click on ‘collect’ at the base of any post
  2. give the collection a name (or add the post to one of your existing collections)
  3. view your collections from your Me page




You can create as many collections as you like, and of course you can follow collections created by others. You’re the curator! What will you collect today? We can’t wait to see…and as always, let us know what you think.

Check out the exciting new Bing!

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The new Bing introduces a brand new information architecture with a three column design that focuses on bringing you information from the web to help you take action and interact with friends and experts without compromising the core search experience.

Read more…, now with Windows Live login!

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There are a myriad of ways to log into sites these days. It seems everyone has a favorite account, or alternately several accounts they use for different purposes.

This week, the team has added Windows Live as a new way to log in to On our front page now are two buttons, one for Windows Live, and another from Facebook.
Press one, and you’ll be taken to Facebook or Windows Live respectively to log in. Once you’ve logged in you’ll return back to If your Facebook or Windows Live profile is missing any required data for, you’ll be prompted for those as well.


Why does need my First and Last name? uses your full name when it creates your account; your initial nickname is created from it as well as the URL to access your profile.

Why does need my e-mail address? uses your e-mail address to send out your notifications and digests. If you choose not to receive e-mails, you can change the settings in your profile.

Why doesn’t use the First and Last name from my Windows Live account?

Depending on your privacy settings in Windows Live, we may not have access to your full name, e-mail or profile picture.

What if I already have a account that uses Facebook? Can I switch?

Currently, if you log in with your Windows Live account, that will create a new and different account from your Facebook account.

We are looking into allowing you to use both Facebook and Windows Live to log into the same account, and we hope to implement it soon.

FUSE Labs and DoTastic at CSCW 2012

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There will be a strong FUSE Labs presence at the CSCW 2012 conference, coming up in Seattle on February 12th.  CSCW is a premier venue for presenting research in the design and use of technologies that affect groups, organizations, and communities.  We will be demoing in the Microsoft Research booth, so if you’re attending, stop by, check it out, and we will invite you in.  I will also be giving a talk on a study of teens, blogging, and civic engagement, a project I did in collaboration with the City of Seattle.  


Most importantly, we will be showing off DoTastic as an integrated demo! 

DoTastic is a fun mobile application that lets people challenge each other to get things done.  It is an experimental project currently unavailable to the general public, but CSCW attendees will get to play with it during the three days of the conference.

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Turntable's Billy Chasen Makes Music Social Again

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Experiencing music as a social activity used to mean going to a concert, or maybe a party. And to learn about new music or artists in the days of yore, you had radio, record shops, or the much-fabled mix tape.

But in the Internet and iPod age, listening to music became a more solitary experience—the earbuds, the personal playlists, the Pandora stations made just for you.

KLM launching Facebook app to match seatmates

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Choose Your Own Adventure of the Day: The Netherlands’ national air carrier, KLM, is set to launch a Facebook app that will allow passengers to pick their seatmates based on similarities in their online profiles.

After purchasing a ticket, patrons will be invited to link their Facebook profiles to their check-in information using a web tool called “Meet & Seat.”

They will then be presented with a list of other passengers with similar interests, hobbies, and/or vocations who have done the same, and will be able to select the person they feel most comfortable sharing the flight with.

The app is still being developed, and the official launch isn’t expected until next year, but other airlines are already looking into building similar “social seating tools.”


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