Bing, Socl Partner at TEDActive 2013

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As some of the Socl faithful have noticed, Socl is at TEDActive 2013, thanks to our colleagues at Bing.

TEDActive attendees are accessing a special version of Socl to create and share collages inspired by TEDActive 2013 Talks.


As posted on the Bing Search Blog earlier today:

…we partnered with Microsoft Research’s FUSE Labs, creators of a Bing-powered technology called, and built a special area of this research platform for TEDActive attendees, available at Here, conference-goers can assemble images, research links, videos, and text into collages that express their reactions and associations around the TED Talks. Once completed, attendees can share their collages not only with those at the conference, but with anyone who wishes to view the real-time, online feed. 

Well over 100 Socl collages have been posted thus far… We at FUSE Labs are delighted by this novel use of Socl and hope you enjoy the posts!

Good morning - It’s a big day for us!

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As you may know, Socl began as an experiment in social search for students and learning. Over the past several months, we’ve watched Socl evolve into a place where people connect over shared interests expressed through beautiful post collages.

We appreciate your continued feedback which is helping us to gain more insight every day and improve how we can all communicate, learn and share our everyday lives. We’ve been busy redesigning Socl to match how you’re using it, and starting today, we’d like you to give the new Socl a spin at and let us know what you think.

Here are a few changes you’ll notice right away…

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Art from Aubergines on Socl

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Autumn is upon us here in North America. With colder winds and changing foliage comes the onset of decorative gourd season. Mountains of pumpkins appear in produce sections everywhere, each orange gourd destined to be gutted, carved, lit from within and set out proudly on the stoop for all the neighborhood to see. All hail the mighty Jack-O-Lantern, undisputed symbol of October!

While there are certainly a myriad of creative ways to carve a pumpkin, we seem to be overlooking other vegetables and fruits that lend themselves just as well to the subtractive art of sculpture. For example, just check out this post from Socl user Kazz.

Instead of carving pumpkins this year, I might just make a googly-eyed family of aubergine penguins for my doorstep!

This post is a great example of just how streamlined and easy Socl has made it to share complex creative ideas. Thank you Kazz for sharing this post, it may just start a new wave of October traditions.

Confidential to pumpkins everywhere: it might be time to step up your game.

From Silly to Sublime to Serious and Back Again

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When you think about throwing water balloons at someone’s head, do you envision high art or an informal summertime barbecue with friends? I’m willing to wager most of our minds went the latter route, as mine surely did. That is, until I was looking through my Socl newsfeed and saw this amazing post from Stefan Welshwood:

This post encapsulates one of the things I love most about art, which is the ability to elevate the mundane to a new level of sophistication. In the article the post links to, photographer Tim Tadder takes water balloons and lifts them from summertime prankster status to a state of ephemeral and magical beauty. Each picture is timed just perfectly, with each drop of water caught in mid air at just the right time, in just the right place.

The article also talks about the recent flurry of hype these pictures have created. Tim Taddler wants to harness his success and utilize it for a greater good. Having lost both parents to cancer, Tim hopes to take his concept and use it to raise cancer awareness by featuring models who have suffered hair loss due to chemotherapy.  

In reading this post on Socl, I was transported on a journey that went from silly water balloons to haute couture pictures, and ended with an uplifting story about a man who wants to take a personal triumph and turn it into something bigger than himself. Thank you Stefan for sharing this post with us!

Whether you’re looking to be similarly inspired or have your own story to share, Socl awaits you!

Socl Keeps the Discoveries Coming

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It’s a big wide world out there, folks. Around every corner there’s something new to discover, some fresh gem of knowledge waiting to be unearthed. Every time I log into Socl I see posts from all over the globe. Inevitably I end up learning something new, or witnessing other users having their own moments of discovery. I love how Socl’s collaborative environment makes learning an easy and natural process.

This post from user Steve Huang serves as a great example of how simple it is to create and share new discoveries. His post is short and sweet: a picture of a cocoa tree, and a reminder that the smallest thing has the ability to show us how big and amazing the world really is.

Learning is a lifelong journey. Come see what new thing is waiting to be discovered on Socl!

Spring into Autumn, Fall into Spring

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Here in the Northern hemisphere we are experiencing our first full week of fall, while our neighbors on the other side of the equator welcome spring. Socl has been full of seasonally inspired posts from around the globe. Here is a collage post by user Kohei Hishiyama from Japan that highlights the beauty of his autumn equinox holiday:

Whether you’re breaking out the decorative gourds for fall or watching springtime bulbs push through the soil, come share the beauty of living seasonally on Socl.

Four Simple Steps to Creating a Collage Post on

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One of the first questions from new users is: How do you create a collage? If you’re new to here are simple instructions that will get you started.

  1. To create a collage on, first type a search term in the box that says “Type a topic to create a post”.
  2. Then click the Images link in the very left hand column. 
  3. This will bring up several images that you can then click on, which will then add to your collage at the top of the page. You will see in my collage that I have clicked on two Star Wars images. 
  4. Once happy with your collage, click Done. 

When you give to the community, others will return the favor by opening your mind to new ideas and discoveries. Start by posting about the things that interest you, and very quickly you will find that you’ve made an international community of friends. Enjoy!

10 Search Terms for Creating Vibrant Collage Posts on

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We all have the ability to create a beautiful experience on It’s through these experiences that we open our world to fresh ideas.

One thing I do is challenge myself to think of search terms that inspire vibrant ideas. The right search term can lead to visually inspiring images that make the collage feature an absolute joy to use. Below are 10 of my favorite search terms right now. Can you guess which one I used to create the following post?

  1. inspiration
  2. light
  3. wonderland
  4. imagination
  5. creativity
  6. melancholy in art
  7. art in nature
  8. surreal photography
  9. creative mind
  10. velocity

In the post above, I used the search term ‘melancholy in art’ and from there chose images that conveyed the type of mood I wanted to express. You will see that the above collage is rich in texture, color and emotion. 

There are many expressive and exciting search terms waiting to be discovered. All it requires is your curiosity. A vibrant, colorful world awaits you on What will be your top ten search terms?

How to Lift the Scent of Flowers off the Screen and Into Your Memory

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Our nose has the ability to pick up thousands of different scents, and the best can take us back to a blissful childhood memory. The sweet smell of cotton candy at the summer fair, or the smell of freshly raked leaves around Halloween have the ability to take me back to my childhood.

Mana Montero created a post on that searched more deeply into the power of scent. Her post leads us to a paper by scientists at the Weizmann Institute, which documents the primal connection between smell and episodic memory. In her post, Mana also collages images of grass, flowers, cookies and bubbles. It is as if these smells bounce off the screen. allows us to look more deeply into our interests, while also opening a freedom to be creative. We invite you to see where your research will take you on Perhaps you too will uncover a blissful memory from a by-gone era.

Two Ways to Spark Conversation and Debate Through Imagery

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Are you looking to spice up your collage posting on Here’s a tip: You can add as many search terms to one collage as you wish.   

Check out this post from Kay Yoon.  

You will see in Kay Yoon’s post that she searched and collaged several different types of her favorite foods that, in turn, led to a great conversation with the community.

You can also try doing a multiple search on contrasting ideas to spark debate. For example, try doing a compare and contrast of your favorite bands and then ask the community for their opinions on them. You will find this technique will open a great conversation, and you might even walk away discovering new music from someone half way across the world. 

Give it a try and enjoy the response you get from the community!