10 Search Terms for Creating Vibrant Collage Posts on So.cl

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We all have the ability to create a beautiful experience on So.cl. It’s through these experiences that we open our world to fresh ideas.

One thing I do is challenge myself to think of search terms that inspire vibrant ideas. The right search term can lead to visually inspiring images that make the collage feature an absolute joy to use. Below are 10 of my favorite search terms right now. Can you guess which one I used to create the following post?

  1. inspiration
  2. light
  3. wonderland
  4. imagination
  5. creativity
  6. melancholy in art
  7. art in nature
  8. surreal photography
  9. creative mind
  10. velocity

In the post above, I used the search term ‘melancholy in art’ and from there chose images that conveyed the type of mood I wanted to express. You will see that the above collage is rich in texture, color and emotion. 

There are many expressive and exciting search terms waiting to be discovered. All it requires is your curiosity. A vibrant, colorful world awaits you on So.cl. What will be your top ten search terms?

Check out the exciting new Bing!

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The new Bing introduces a brand new information architecture with a three column design that focuses on bringing you information from the web to help you take action and interact with friends and experts without compromising the core search experience.

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Optimizing the Relevance of CompanyCrowd pages

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It’s great to see people using http://companycrowd.com; over two hundred new pages have been created since we first announced, with new ones coming every day.  Thank you!

A few questions have come up on how to improve the relevance of content on the pages; depending on how keywords are chosen, content can be either spot on, or too broad to be useful.  Here are some tips you can use to improve the quality of the pages; as well as some things we’re looking at to make the system smarter.

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