Hot Dialog, Cool Colors- Help Create the Longest Riff Conversation on Socl

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An exciting Riffing conversation is happening right now on Socl, which you are cordially invited to join! I will fill you in on what’s happened so far, and hope to find you on Socl adding your voice to the ongoing exchange.

The conversation began last night with Rafique-Mohammed’s first Riff on Socl. Welcome to Socl Rafique!!

Which inspired me to post about the color pink…

This kicked off posts exploring a range of colors, until one of our fabulous community managers, Blanca Stella Mejia posted about color blindness…

Which then set off a conversation about eyes involving Stephan KoßKen NicholsHarimohan Sahu and several other Socl-istas.

Keep in mind this conversation involves people from Seattle, Germany, India and Miami, Florida- truly a global phenomenon!

So now it’s up to you. How would you like to add to this discussion? Let’s make this the longest Riffing conversation Socl has ever seen. We can’t wait to hear from you!

From Keats to Queen- 5 Steps to Riffing Your Heart Out on Socl

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One of the most compelling features on Socl is the ability to Riff. It’s a visual way to respond to someone’s post and it can be quite the adventure. 

Ren Giser and I recently had an interesting riffing conversation that started with the topic of dreaming.

Ren then riffed on my ‘dream’ post with the poetry of John Keats. So I responded back with the first thing that came to mind - Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

All posts in a Riff get linked together and can be viewed using ‘View all Riffs’. The term itself came from our early community who would say things like ‘I’m Riffing off Cheri’s post,” so we just turned it into a feature. 

To do a Riff:

  1. Click on ‘Riff’ at the bottom of the post you would like to respond to 
  2. Add your search term to the Socl navigation bar. This can be a related idea, or something totally surprising and different to the original post 
  3. From there, add your own images and video 
  4. Type your ideas into the comment box
  5. Click ‘Done’ to publish

Riffing is like a wild and imaginative ride for your mind. Get on board and experience the fun you can have with this cool feature. See you on Socl!

Introducing Riffs

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Riff n. A short rhythmic phrase, especially one that is repeated in improvisation.

Often we see a post in that grabs our attention and we want to add to it. More than just comment we want to give the concept our own spin or take the conversation to a new place. We want to add to the understanding and join the discussion in a richer way. We want to riff on it.

In music a riff begins as a short rhythm or melody but it is the improvisation on that phrase that tickles us and keeps our interest. Each distinct variation has a quality and message of its own but still adds its part to the greater conversation. We hope to bring a little of that to We are excited to introduce a new way to interact and improvise with content. Today we released Riff. 

How it works

Very simply, there is a ‘Riff’ verb now on every post. Similar to “Comment” clicking “Riff” will assist you in responding to a post.

  1. Clicking “Riff” begins a new post , a response based on the old post.
  2. The original post will be annotated with a note linking to your new post so people can find the riff.
  3. Your new post is also attributed at the top with a link to the original post.

Above is an example of a Riff. Dan has created a post on Miles Davis describing him as his “favorite jazz man”. I have responded to Dan’s post with my own post on John Coltrane using the riff feature. Each links to the other so our post has context. Think of it as a conversation, riffing on a concept back and forth. New riffs can be added by anyone at any time.

A few additional things to mention, clicking on a link like “john Coltrane” seen in #2 will navigate you to a page with the “john Coltrane” post as well as a view of all other posts produced using Riff on that post. This included the “view all Riffs” link at the top. These pages give a clear view of the larger collection of posts within the conversation.

We will be continually updating this and other features so please give lots of feedback and tell us how you think it could be better. The site is an experiment and we are in it together. Let’s make it great!