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Breakfast, the first meal of the day. You may not be all the way awake yet, you might eat it on the run, or sitting at the kitchen table waiting for the coffee to kick in. It is the meal that’s widely viewed as the foundation of  the day, but now it seems that it can be the most magical and whimsical of all the meals as well. Check out this clever Socl post by user Cédric Hoareau

Surrealism + Cereal =  Cerealism! These photographs let us imagine breakfast in a whole new light. Here is another post on the same subject by Jim Buchan

It seems that every time I explore Socl I find new artistic examples of what can happen when we think outside the box…the cereal box in this case! Come poke around on Socl and see what other clever re-awakenings our users are coming up with.

From Silly to Sublime to Serious and Back Again

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When you think about throwing water balloons at someone’s head, do you envision high art or an informal summertime barbecue with friends? I’m willing to wager most of our minds went the latter route, as mine surely did. That is, until I was looking through my Socl newsfeed and saw this amazing post from Stefan Welshwood:

This post encapsulates one of the things I love most about art, which is the ability to elevate the mundane to a new level of sophistication. In the wired.com article the post links to, photographer Tim Tadder takes water balloons and lifts them from summertime prankster status to a state of ephemeral and magical beauty. Each picture is timed just perfectly, with each drop of water caught in mid air at just the right time, in just the right place.

The article also talks about the recent flurry of hype these pictures have created. Tim Taddler wants to harness his success and utilize it for a greater good. Having lost both parents to cancer, Tim hopes to take his concept and use it to raise cancer awareness by featuring models who have suffered hair loss due to chemotherapy.  

In reading this post on Socl, I was transported on a journey that went from silly water balloons to haute couture pictures, and ended with an uplifting story about a man who wants to take a personal triumph and turn it into something bigger than himself. Thank you Stefan for sharing this post with us!

Whether you’re looking to be similarly inspired or have your own story to share, Socl awaits you!