Talk Announcement — Narrating with Networks: Making Sense of Event Log Data with Socio-Technical Trajectories — Fri 8/16

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UPDATE: Check out the video recording of this research talk.
Brian Keegan is visiting us from Northeastern University to talk about his work studying a wide range of networks: from Wikipedia, to Twitter, to MMGO’s. One of his areas of research that I find most fascinating is the use of network science to understand how people react to breaking news events such as natural disasters, accidents, and crimes. For example, in one of his recent studies, he and his colleagues found that most of the Wikipedia articles about breaking news had a cohesive group of editors that “coalesced” in less than 24 hrs (compared to a year for other types articles!), and these articles attracted journalist-like Wikipedians who specialize in reporting breaking news events. Here is a plot where they showed this: 

Breaking news events are in red, articles about recent but non-breaking news events are in blue, and articles about historical events are in green. The x-axis is time and the y-axis is the number of articles in the giant component.

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