Holiday Traditions on Socl

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Have you ever received a postcard scrawled with a joyful “wish you were here”? Consider this blog post just such an invitation. After the unveiling of the latest and greatest version of Socl earlier this month, we definitely wish you were here (if you aren’t already). 

Before there was social networking or status updates there were postcards. Back in the not-so-distant past, to convey a quippy visual sentiment to friends and family meant writing a few lines on the back of a stamped picture and sending it via post. Of course, now we have sites like Socl to serve as a kind of modern day postcard, albeit a much faster and more dynamic version. Now Socl lets users build posts from many different sources easily and elegantly, as this “postcard” from Nikos (comprised of vintage Holiday postcards) demonstrates. 


There are many seasonally inspired conversations happening on the new Socl. Come share your story.