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I have a confession to make. I’m a total wine geek. I love meeting wine makers and listening to them talk passionately about their craft. I love how the nuance of region and climate can intimately affect the taste of the wine in your glass. I also enjoy reaching out to the Socl community to gain wine knowledge, because many people on Socl live close to some of the world’s most exciting wine regions. 

I had a conversation this past week with João Castelo from Portugal. João began with a post about food which quickly led into a discussion about Port wine. 

We also talked about local Portuguese foods, the Duoro region, and our favorite wine producers.

I’ve dreamed of visiting the steep terraces of the Duoro but have yet to visit. Talking to someone who has been there helped create a new connection for me to one of the most stunning vineyard sites in the world. 

Socl hosts regular discussions about wine if you would like to join the conversation. Make sure to tag your posts with ‘wine’ and follow the wine interest group by typing in ‘wine’ in the Search Interests bar in the left-hand column.

Come join us… We look forward to geeking out with you!