Hot Dialog, Cool Colors- Help Create the Longest Riff Conversation on Socl

By cheriw11 year ago - permalink

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An exciting Riffing conversation is happening right now on Socl, which you are cordially invited to join! I will fill you in on what’s happened so far, and hope to find you on Socl adding your voice to the ongoing exchange.

The conversation began last night with Rafique-Mohammed’s first Riff on Socl. Welcome to Socl Rafique!!

Which inspired me to post about the color pink…

This kicked off posts exploring a range of colors, until one of our fabulous community managers, Blanca Stella Mejia posted about color blindness…

Which then set off a conversation about eyes involving Stephan KoßKen NicholsHarimohan Sahu and several other Socl-istas.

Keep in mind this conversation involves people from Seattle, Germany, India and Miami, Florida- truly a global phenomenon!

So now it’s up to you. How would you like to add to this discussion? Let’s make this the longest Riffing conversation Socl has ever seen. We can’t wait to hear from you!