Talk Announcement: Art and Audience Participation - Mon 8/12 

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UPDATE: Check out the video recording of this talk.
Next week, we have Luis Blackaller visiting us from USC and WemoLab. He will be talking about a couple three different awesome projects he has worked on at the intersection of art and social computing: 
  • The Tiny Icon Factory is a tool and gallery for the anonymous creation of black and white low resolution icons. With over 200,000 anonymous and uncensored contributions in under two years, The Tiny Icon Factory is an ongoing exploration of creative expression.
  • PictureXS was an anonymous picture aggregator. It featured an embedded tracing tool, a self-regulated censorship system, and tags. Before it was turned off in January 2011, PictureXS had collected over 30,000 pictures, 1000 drawings and 500,000 tags, reporting activity from across the world. 
  • OpenStudio (2005 to 2008) was a pioneering experiment in creativity, collaboration & commerce. Participants created and sold artwork in an online marketplace using an embedded drawing tool and virtual currency. 


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How to create stunning mood boards with

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Mood boards are a common tool used by visual designers and marketing teams to establish the look and feel or brand for a project. Typically this is done by searching through image archives and painstakingly building the collections in mosaics, and it involves numerous steps to collect, organize, and layout manually by hand.

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FUSE Team interview: Richard Zaragoza, UX Designer

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I’ve been asked to write a round of introductions of my FUSE team mates and thought it prudent to first begin with myself. I am a User Experience Designer on the FUSE team and most recently launched project Montage at . In a nutshell, it’s a tool to quickly assemble and share a dynamic webpage made up of remixed web content. We first launched internally for the MSN team, and then took it to the Web, leading me to dub the project “Montage for the people”.

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