How to Ignite Your Creative Mind on Socl

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I feel the need to be enticed. To see the world through a new lens – one that’s filled with vibrant colors and jewel tones. I want to go where dreams float on the far side of fashion and fantasy and know that when I come back, my world will forever be enhanced, changed, enlightened.

When we explore Socl, we find ourselves relishing in the limitless creative expression we can inspire in one another. Fashion is one thing, but when shared with friends from around the world, it elevates. 

On Socl we have what are called collections. Collections are posts you and the community organize around the subjects you love. When you see a post you like, simply collect it. 

Below are a few posts from Tina’s Personal Style collection. Tina is one of our most imaginative community members and her collections are stunning. Have a look…

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We build collections to express something about ourselves, our tastes, and our interests that a bio or a status update cannot. We turn to news aggregators because the essence of a story is more than a single shared article, but rather a string of links and images that begin to form a fuller picture of the event.

We made building of collections a core offering in We created something we are calling the “post builder.” 

 Sample collections created with the post builder

Sample collections created with the post builder

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