Optimizing the Relevance of CompanyCrowd pages

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It’s great to see people using http://companycrowd.com; over two hundred new pages have been created since we first announced, with new ones coming every day.  Thank you!

A few questions have come up on how to improve the relevance of content on the pages; depending on how keywords are chosen, content can be either spot on, or too broad to be useful.  Here are some tips you can use to improve the quality of the pages; as well as some things we’re looking at to make the system smarter.

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Bringing Business and Social Together

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Have you ever seen a new company in a tweet or a short article, and wanted to learn more about them?  Maybe they’ve introduced a new product and you want to know more, not just about the product but the company a whole?  Where would you start?  Possibly with a search engine, or a financial site, or a look for that company’s home page? You might also check their fan page on Facebook, or for tweets by searching Twitter.  Do you even know what search terms to start with?  Maybe check with a friend?

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