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Today the team is refreshing Socl with some much asked for capabilities.

  • Even faster post creation. Now Socl provides an inline post creator ideally suited for fast creation of text, link or single image posts. All of Socl’s existing capabilities are just a click away.
  • Streamlined navigation. Easily dive in to the content types you prefer to discuss or create using the Socl ‘app’ picker in the main navigation bar, or hang out in the main feed to participate in all the action.
  • Directed posts. In addition to public posts, Socl now also allows you to make posts visible only to you or to people you choose.
  • Collect while creating. Now you can collect your post while creating it, and creating new collection is easier than ever before.
  • More inline video support. Now in addition to YouTube, most of your favorite video services - such as Vimeo, Instagram, Vine and more will play inline in the Socl feed. Give it a try! www.so.cl

Happy Making!

The Socl Team and Microsoft Research Fuse Labs

Faster post creation with new quick postimage

Streamlined navigation with Socl appsimage

Directed postsimage

Collect while creatingimage

Additional inline video playingimage

Socl, where creativity meets.

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A new day, a new Socl!

Socl now offers a set of simple, fun “create experiences” that make it even easier to express and share ideas with people worldwide – from rich visual collages to short animated media and memes, there’s even more ways to create, collect and share stuff you love – on Socl, and other social networks.

Watch the video here

Create Experiences



Part “meme-generator,” part game, Picotales are little stories made by overlaying text on an image.


Currently available for Windows devices, BLINK apps provide ways to capture, create and share short dynamic media using Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8.

Collage - now with upload!

Collage, Socl’s “go to” create experience now includes image upload…collages are comprised of images, links and videos found on the web or uploaded to Socl.

Video Party

Video Parties are shared video experiences on Socl - great for crafting a quick playlist to share with friends.

In addition to the create experiences, we’ve greatly enhanced Socl for mobile devices, with a responsive design that optimizes for your device. Now you can take Socl anywhere. 

Visit the Socl About page to learn more…

We look forward to seeing what you create today!

Happy making!


Bing, Socl Partner at TEDActive 2013

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As some of the Socl faithful have noticed, Socl is at TEDActive 2013, thanks to our colleagues at Bing.

TEDActive attendees are accessing a special version of Socl to create and share collages inspired by TEDActive 2013 Talks.


As posted on the Bing Search Blog earlier today:

…we partnered with Microsoft Research’s FUSE Labs, creators of a Bing-powered technology called So.cl, and built a special area of this research platform for TEDActive attendees, available at TED.so.cl. Here, conference-goers can assemble images, research links, videos, and text into collages that express their reactions and associations around the TED Talks. Once completed, attendees can share their collages not only with those at the conference, but with anyone who wishes to view the real-time, online feed. 

Well over 100 Socl collages have been posted thus far… We at FUSE Labs are delighted by this novel use of Socl and hope you enjoy the posts!

“Off the Radar” - Social Computing Symposium 2013 Videos

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Last week we held our ninth annual Social Computing Symposium on the topic:  “Off the Radar.” Inspired by Clive Thompson’s closing talk from 2012, we focused on populations and topics we forget to discuss, often hiding in plain sight.  Our goal with the event is to bring together a small group of diverse people to help inspire and shed light on novel ideas and trends in the area of social.

& thanks to the stellar folks who made this all happen:  danah Boyd, Liz Lawley, Clay Shirky, Brady Forrest, Clive Thompson, Tom Coates, Anil Dash, Gabriella Coleman, John Borthwick, Baratunde Thurston, Tricia Wang and NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Department.

We only wish we could include more people, so sharing out the recorded videos of many of the presentations. Here are all the talks, some really amazing ones- and the agenda below. Enjoy!

scs 2013

Day 1:

Welcome, Intros & proposed Audience Choice Talks

Stories and insights from around the world, organized by Tricia Wang

People who *aren’t* using socially enabled tools, and why organized by Liz Lawley

Slightly Belated Opening Talk, by Clay Shirky

"Innovation in Unexpected Places", organized by Baratunde Thurston

Evening: Audience Choice Talks & PowerPoint Karaoke, organized by Brady Forrest 

Day 2:

"The Human Microphone: Amplification of Political Dissent", organized by Biella Coleman

“Food, Government, Surfing and Thrifting”, organized by Brady Forrest

scs 2013

Introducing Socl Collections

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We’re excited to provide you with a new way to express yourself on Socl – Collections.

Collections are personally curated sets of posts. To create a collection, simply:

  1. click on ‘collect’ at the base of any post
  2. give the collection a name (or add the post to one of your existing collections)
  3. view your collections from your Me page




You can create as many collections as you like, and of course you can follow collections created by others. You’re the curator! What will you collect today? We can’t wait to see…and as always, let us know what you think.

Good morning - It’s a big day for us!

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As you may know, Socl began as an experiment in social search for students and learning. Over the past several months, we’ve watched Socl evolve into a place where people connect over shared interests expressed through beautiful post collages.

We appreciate your continued feedback which is helping us to gain more insight every day and improve how we can all communicate, learn and share our everyday lives. We’ve been busy redesigning Socl to match how you’re using it, and starting today, we’d like you to give the new Socl a spin at www.so.cl and let us know what you think.

Here are a few changes you’ll notice right away…

Read More

"Cerealism" on Socl

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Breakfast, the first meal of the day. You may not be all the way awake yet, you might eat it on the run, or sitting at the kitchen table waiting for the coffee to kick in. It is the meal that’s widely viewed as the foundation of  the day, but now it seems that it can be the most magical and whimsical of all the meals as well. Check out this clever Socl post by user Cédric Hoareau

Surrealism + Cereal =  Cerealism! These photographs let us imagine breakfast in a whole new light. Here is another post on the same subject by Jim Buchan

It seems that every time I explore Socl I find new artistic examples of what can happen when we think outside the box…the cereal box in this case! Come poke around on Socl and see what other clever re-awakenings our users are coming up with.

Socl Goes to the Polls

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Over the past few weeks, Socl has been abuzz with chatter about electing the next president of the United States. Well, today is the big day and voters are sharing their experiences and feelings throughout the process! The interest group “US Elections" is in full swing. I created a post sharing my personal feelings on the whole situation:

It’s not my first time at the rodeo, and I know how stressful it can be to spend the day watching results roll in. Voting is an important part of a democratic process, and I sometimes worry we don’t participate enough as a collective. You can imagine my relief and joy when I checked the newsfeed a short time ago and saw this post from first time voter and Socl user Elizabeth Thiry:

From one voter to another, I thank you Elizabeth for reminding me that we are all in this together. Now if you will excuse me, I have some lipstick to go put on. :-)

Art from Aubergines on Socl

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Autumn is upon us here in North America. With colder winds and changing foliage comes the onset of decorative gourd season. Mountains of pumpkins appear in produce sections everywhere, each orange gourd destined to be gutted, carved, lit from within and set out proudly on the stoop for all the neighborhood to see. All hail the mighty Jack-O-Lantern, undisputed symbol of October!

While there are certainly a myriad of creative ways to carve a pumpkin, we seem to be overlooking other vegetables and fruits that lend themselves just as well to the subtractive art of sculpture. For example, just check out this post from Socl user Kazz.

Instead of carving pumpkins this year, I might just make a googly-eyed family of aubergine penguins for my doorstep!

This post is a great example of just how streamlined and easy Socl has made it to share complex creative ideas. Thank you Kazz for sharing this post, it may just start a new wave of October traditions.

Confidential to pumpkins everywhere: it might be time to step up your game.

From Silly to Sublime to Serious and Back Again

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When you think about throwing water balloons at someone’s head, do you envision high art or an informal summertime barbecue with friends? I’m willing to wager most of our minds went the latter route, as mine surely did. That is, until I was looking through my Socl newsfeed and saw this amazing post from Stefan Welshwood:

This post encapsulates one of the things I love most about art, which is the ability to elevate the mundane to a new level of sophistication. In the wired.com article the post links to, photographer Tim Tadder takes water balloons and lifts them from summertime prankster status to a state of ephemeral and magical beauty. Each picture is timed just perfectly, with each drop of water caught in mid air at just the right time, in just the right place.

The article also talks about the recent flurry of hype these pictures have created. Tim Taddler wants to harness his success and utilize it for a greater good. Having lost both parents to cancer, Tim hopes to take his concept and use it to raise cancer awareness by featuring models who have suffered hair loss due to chemotherapy.  

In reading this post on Socl, I was transported on a journey that went from silly water balloons to haute couture pictures, and ended with an uplifting story about a man who wants to take a personal triumph and turn it into something bigger than himself. Thank you Stefan for sharing this post with us!

Whether you’re looking to be similarly inspired or have your own story to share, Socl awaits you!