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Welcoming FUSE East (NYC) Interns 2014

By katifuse2 months ago - permalink

As internship season progresses, we are thrilled to welcome 2 interns to FUSE Labs in NYC, both Juergen Brandstetter and Noah Liebman. We’re already having a blast working together!

Juergen Brandstetter @BrandiATMuhkuh is doing his PhD in Human Robot Interaction at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. Juergen earned a Masters in Human Computer Interaction at the Institute of Technology in Vienna. His research interest is in persuasive robotics with a focus on linguistic cues. Besides his PhD, he’s also a design thinking tutor and prototyper.

This summer he’ll be focusing on persuasive behavior techniques for social robots to influence the performance of human routines in the workspace. While the amount of industrial and service robots increased dramatically over the last couple of years, the paradigm of social robots is still a largely unexplored field. Social robots, in comparison to the other two types of robots (industrial, service) are created for direct contact with humans and work on a more emotional rather than technical level. Most research with social robots is done in isolated lab environments. Jürgen will apply social robotics in a real environment to test and study persuasive techniques aimed at helping employees improve their work-life balance in a socially acceptable way.

Noah Liebman  @Noleli is a PhD student in both Computer Science and Communication Studies at Northwestern University. He is excited by how the design of technological artifacts affects people’s social behavior when interacting with technology and each other. His work spans areas as diverse as emoticon use in instant messaging and the design and prototyping of a haptic system to help people coordinate.

Whether in their personal lives or at work, people are always striving to improve. This summer he’s focusing on designing persuasive technology to help people stay “on track”. This project will draw on the combined behavior of crowds to help people realize what is feasible and what they are capable of achieving.

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