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Kodu meets Socl!

By reenakawal11 months ago - permalink

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We’re combining two FUSE projects, Socl and Kodu (better together, like peanut butter and chocolate!)   Kodu is our newest creation experience on Socl.  Besides collages, Picotales, BLINKs, and video parties, you can now invent your own games using a simple, visual programming language. Anyone can create with Kodu, whether you’re a kid or kid at heart! Explore worlds from the community on the Socl Kodu channel.


Kodu is free, but you’ll need to download Kodu to get started creating your worlds.  Start learning and get ready for Code.org’s Hour of Coding for Computer Science week December 9-15, 2013. Check out collections of some Kodu favorites here:

Kodu Classic Arcade

Kodu Board Games

Kodu Digigirlz 2013

Kodu Imagine Cup

Kodu Rollercoaster Worlds!

More information, tutorials and lessons plans are available on the Kodu Game Labs website.

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