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Socl Spring 2013 Release FAQ

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For the Socl faithful, we thought we’d create a brief Q and A regarding the Spring 2013 release.

What happened to Interests?

Socl Interests have been merged into Collections. Collections can now be curated by an group (formerly Interest) or an individual.

I can’t find a Collection for one of the Interests I followed - what happened?

It is possible that the Interest did not meet the activity level required to be merged into a Collection or was not in keeping with the Socl terms of service. If you feel an Interest is missing in error, please let us know via Socl Public Feedback and we’ll look into it.

How do I tag posts now?

Tagging of posts is now done at the collection level. All the posts in a collection now carry the same consistent tags, aiding our ability to surface related content in the other parts of Socl and reducing the chance of tag misuse.

What are some of the other new features in the Spring 2013 release of Socl?

For a summary of the Spring 2013 release, see our blog post announcing the update.

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