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Profile Settings, Invite Friends & Useful Links On Socl

By micaminar1 year ago - permalink

Recently, Brianna Camarda, one of our Community Managers, shared some of the new features on Socl. Today, I am going to go over some of the settings and links that are located right below your avatar or your profile image. To access, simply hover over your picture on the top right corner. You will then see a drop down menu.

Profile on Socl

Clicking on "me" will show all the posts you have created and will show the URL of your user. This is useful if you want to share the link to any of your friends as an easy way to find you on Socl.

"Sign out" is simply logging out.

Settings on Socl

"Settings" will lead you to a page to add an avatar picture or change to a different one than your Facebook picture if you logged in with Facebook. All you need to do is copy paste the URL or highlight the link of the image and click on CTRL C where the image is stored, then  CTRL V in the space provided on Socl. For example, I uploaded my avatar to Photobucket, a free image editing and storage site. You can use any other one you like. It is better not to use a link that has used a URL shortener.

The nickname is what will appear as the name on your posts. This can be changed at any time and is different than the URL of your profile when you click “me”.

Below that, create a short description about you like your interests, what you work in or where you live. This really helps to gain followers easily. Finally, one of the new features is the ability to add links from your other social networks including your website.

"About" is a great resource page that includes frequently asked questions, including screenshots of many of the features offered like riffing, video parties, interests and collections.

"Help" will provide you with links to this blog and to the interest “socl tips” which we have tagged many posts to answer many of your questions. If you find “socl tips” overwhelming, type “getting started” on the Interest tab for more beginner tips. 

"Terms" is the agreement between you and Microsoft Corporation that you agreed to when signing up for using Socl.

"Privacy" is Microsoft Socl privacy statement.


"Invite" leads you to a link to invite your friends to join Socl via Facebook, Twitter or Email.

And finally, “socl bookmarklet" leads you to a page with instructions on how to add the bookmarklet so you can easily share articles, news or any links on Socl. As a tip, when you do share a link, take the time to add a commentary below the link and tell the community why you are sharing that link. Just adding link after link to your profile without engagement or commentary is not the best way to get interaction on Socl.

Socl Bookmarklet

In the same way, when you share a collage, adding your commentary enhances your post even if it is a few words. You can see my post about this tip here.

I hope you truly enjoy your experience on Socl and look forward to seeing your creative posts! And if at any time you get stuck, feel free to ask the community. Someone is usually there to assist you.

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