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From Color To A 1000 Year Old Ritual

By micaminar1 year ago - permalink

One of the best things that I enjoy about Socl is the discovery of new things. Today I posted a collage of people with painted red faces. It turned out that one of the images was about an Indian Ritual dating back 1000 years.(See image bottom left.)

Now, I would have never known about this ritual unless this a member of the Socl community from India, Vattavila, pointed it out.

And he created a post about the ritual called Theyyam which he says embraces almost all of the caste systems in India. I thought that was super interesting!

So today I learned more about the Indian history and culture through my random posting of red painted faces. That is Socl, a place to be surprised and discover through not only your search, but by other users knowledge. And with all the cultures from around the world who are online all the time on Socl, we have great perspectives in a flash.

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