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User Compiled Socl Tips and Tricks

By chaoticntrl1 year ago - permalink

It has been really great to see how Socl users have taken ownership of their community. The site is designed to be intuitive, but just like any new experience it helps if there is someone around to give a little tour. As a community manager my favorite moments are helping new users achieve their first "a-ha" Socl moments, but nothing gives me greater pride than seeing a how-to post created by one of our very own community members Adam Rifai.


Thank you Adam Rifai for this amazing post! With community generated posts like this popping up in Socl’s newsfeed, it’s an encouraging sign that the site is operating like a healthy online ecosystem should. As users take stewardship of the site, it ensures that changes and updates going forward will be relevant to how the site is being used in real time, by real people. Now the question remains: how will you help shape Socl? :-)

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