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Take Your Discovery to the Next Level - How to Use Socl Interests in 5 Easy Steps

By cheriw11 year ago - permalink

Socl Interests allow you to deepen your connection with the people and ideas that matter most to you. In this post you will learn how to use Socl Interests in five easy steps. Let’s get started!

1. Socl Interests defined

Socl Interests are public groups organized around post content. When you create a post, all you have to do is tag it with an interest name (an existing interest, or a new one you start). Your post will then be added to that Interest. Some of the popular interests on Socl are dreamsmusic, photographymath in nature and best of socl

2. Tag your Interests

First create a collage post using the green post creator tool bar at the top of your page. You will see that I created a post on Van Gogh, and then tagged it as art. Because I have tagged my post as art it will now be added to the Art Interest Page. Simple. 


3. Access your Interests

To view the Interests you follow simply:


4. Search the Interests of others


Want to learn about another person’s Interests? Simply visit their profile, then click on their Interests tab located under their avatar. This is especially useful when determining if you would like to follow someone. You will see in the above example that I have visited Brianna’s profile and can now click on her personal Interests tab. 

5. Access the Interests of the entire Socl community


You can also click Interests in the main navigation at any time to access all available Socl Interests. I find this especially useful when trying to think of new ideas for my next collage post. I also find new and interesting people this way.  

Your passions are unique and exciting and we want to help you celebrate them. We hope you enjoy Socl Interests!

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