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Reconnecting with Old Traditions on Socl

By chaoticntrl1 year ago - permalink

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Socl is a website with users from all across the globe. The site does have an in-line translation feature, but what makes a joke funny often times doesn’t lend itself to jumping languages easily. Either you get it or you don’t.

That’s exactly what happened in a post by Marc on Socl. Even he was at a loss for words (in English) as to why the image he was sharing from a Dutch insurance company was funny. 

As I was looking at the picture, a sudden flash of childhood memory came back to me involving an old holiday tradition centered around reindeer visiting for the holidays. I did a bit of Socl searching and discovered my memory was about a Dutch tradition called Sinterklass.  My mother’s family is part Dutch, and as a child our family would align our shoes by the door and fill them with carrots on the night of December 4th. The next morning, the carrots would be gone - or left with big bite marks in them - and small presents would appear! Of course I shared my findings in a Socl post.

From an esoteric Dutch-centric humorous picture straight to reconnecting with family traditions. This is what I love about Socl. It moves just as a great conversation does, navigating through time and space, connected by threads as wild and innovative as imagination itself. Come discover what waits to be remembered on Socl.

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