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Free Your Mind and Free Associate on Socl

By chaoticntrl1 year ago - permalink

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Free association exercises are a great way to get creative energy flowing on new or existing ideas. Giving your mind permission to map connections without having to logically account for why can be a powerful tool in any creative discipline. No matter what medium you create in, sometimes ideas just need a little wiggle room to come to life in a space where logic and judgment are forced to sit down and be quiet for a spell. Socl is just such a space! By using the “riff” feature you can create a string of ideas that can flow endlessly and effortlessly, with input from other creative users. For example, take this post titled “hacking” that uses the classic Matrix image:

That image inspired user 塩之入 太 to riff with this delightful collection of imagery:

We just jumped between two seemingly dissimilar worlds, yet through the simple and immediate power of imagery we are shown exactly where the connection lies. Binary data streams and bamboo forests, who knew you had so much in common! 

Giving ourselves this kind of creative license can spark new ideas or give life to old concepts gathering dust on the shelf. Socl is the perfect whiteboard for mapping new creative territory. Go riff crazy, create as many as you wish, be tangential and wild. Don’t worry about keeping track of where things are going or where they came from, because at the end of the creative session you can click “view all riffs” and map it all back from start to finish. Getting lost in the creative world of riffing on Socl could be just the thing you need to find that next inspiration.

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