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How the Socl Community has United Against Hurricane Sandy

By cheriw11 year ago - permalink

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This has been a monumental week for our Socl friends living on the US East Coast. They have braved Hurricane Sandy, aka Frakenstorm, with tremendous courage. Many are still without power, but the Socl community has created a collection of well wishes, images and news coverage by using the interest page feature in anticipation for their return.

To access the Hurricane Sandy interest page simply click the Explore link found at the top of the left hand column. You will then notice that Hurricane Sandy is currently one of the trending topics on Socl

To add to the discussion, use the tag feature when creating your posts. The tag for this topic is ‘hurricanesandy’ - all one word. Be sure to check back to the Explore Page often to catch the latest trending topics. 

We look forward to the return of our East Coast friends on Socl once they’ve regained power, and hope they are doing well. Until then, they are in our thoughts and prayers.

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