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How to create stunning mood boards with So.cl

By socl-blog2 years ago - permalink

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Mood boards are a common tool used by visual designers and marketing teams to establish the look and feel or brand for a project. Typically this is done by searching through image archives and painstakingly building the collections in mosaics, and it involves numerous steps to collect, organize, and layout manually by hand.

So.cl provides an optimized process that produces the same outcome with very little work.

So, for example, I started with the general idea that I wanted to explore artwork that is computationally produced from mathematic algorithms. The term for this is “generative art”, and I make this an image search by selecting “Image” in the left pane:

Now, I simply browse through the results, clicking only on the most interesting images. As I do this, So.cl automatically collects these images.

After building your mosaic, you can click on the collected images to open the source page in a separate tab. I did this, and found that one of the most compelling subjects within “generative art” is the “strange attractor”. So, I repeated my search, this time looking for strange attractors, which is how I created the mood board at the top of this article.

There is a bit of an art to it; like creating mix tapes. Alternate between selecting images that are predominantly light or dark, heavily saturated or black and white, and having great depth versus flat or close up subjects. This will go a long way in improving the appearance of the mosaic. Also, good design is about being discriminating, so go ahead and delete images once they are in your mood board when you decide they don’t fit. This can be done by hovering over the image and then clicking on the X that will appear in the upper right.

Here are some other mood boards I’ve created using So.cl.

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